President's Message

United Dairy Machinery Corporation ( UDMC ) is a name well known in the industry since 1923. UDMC has changed dramatically since its founding. In years gone by the majority of our business was with the dairy industry. Today, our customer base is much broader and more diversified.

UDMC is involved in a wide variety of industries including Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Beverage, Cosmetics, and of course, Dairy. We are proud of our diversification and it is the key to future growth of our company. We have qualified employees and the facilities to provide quality products and services necessary for YOU, OUR CUSTOMER.

Many things change but other things never change. UDMC was built upon integrity and this will never change. We are proud of our achievements of the past and are ready for the challenge of the future.


UDMC maintains a Million Dollar Inventory in our warehouse. Our aggressive buying policies reduce your initial equipment costs. And real-time data provided by our computer order entry system, enables us to identify, locate and move your order to you fast and efficiently.