Service Department

To assure you contunue to enjoy the maximum return on your process system investment, you need on-going parts and service support. You need UDMC.

UDMC professional and knowledgeable Customer Service personnel can recommend in-plant parts inventory programs that anticipate component service life. Or, UDMC will maintain the inventory for you and supply needed parts on demand. Either way, you can rely on the quality and dependability of UDMC furnished parts and Customer Service.

Some process equipment and systems may require maintenance routines that are beyond in-plant capabilities. Qualified service technicians at UDMC stand at the ready to provide scheduled maintenance of these critical areas. These experienced crews also will respond to unscheduled calls for assistance.

UDMC technicains undergo continuous in-house training to sustain the highest skill levels possible.

  • Professional and knowledgeable Customer Service
  • Qualified maintenance technicians
  • On-going technician training


UDMC maintains a Million Dollar Inventory in our warehouse. Our aggressive buying policies reduce your initial equipment costs. And real-time data provided by our computer order entry system, enables us to identify, locate and move your order to you fast and efficiently.