Sanitary Homogenizers

Distributor of SPX-APV Gaulin-Rannie stainless steel homogenizers & high pressure pumps which are set to meet customers specifications. Also offer on-site repair service. Industries served include food & beverage, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical.

Gaulin and Rannie bring an impeccable reputation of excellence and technological breakthroughs. From Auguste Gaulin’s invention for “treating milk” at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair – to the latest emulsifying, dispersing, and cell disruption advances – Rannie and Gaulin deliver specific industry expertise unmatched by any other manufacturer.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve met the challenge and can manufacture a high- efficiency homogenizer tailored to your needs.

With over almost a century of real-world experience, Rannie and Gaulin have the products and experts to ensure an ideal configuration and installation for you.


UDMC maintains a Million Dollar Inventory in our warehouse. Our aggressive buying policies reduce your initial equipment costs. And real-time data provided by our computer order entry system, enables us to identify, locate and move your order to you fast and efficiently.