Sanitary Hoses and Fittings

Our unequaled knowledge of high-performance polymers, both plastics and elastomers, enables us to offer an extensive variety of products, including Sani-Tech­ and PureFit­ reinforced silicone hose, stainless steel, brass and chrome-plated brass. Sanitary end fittings are also available for use with sanitary hoses. Sanitary stainless steel spring rewind hose reels are available for use in sanitary and/or harsh environments. Male and female cam-lock fittings are frequently used for quick connect and disconnect requirements.

What began in the food and dairy industries now has a large presence in chemical facilities, wineries and the pharmaceutical industry.


UDMC maintains a Million Dollar Inventory in our warehouse. Our aggressive buying policies reduce your initial equipment costs. And real-time data provided by our computer order entry system, enables us to identify, locate and move your order to you fast and efficiently.