Sanitary Process Instrumentation

UDMC is Anderson Instruments distributor of best-in-class sanitary instrumentation and control solutions. UDMC brings to customers a wealth of understanding in sanitary fluid process design, construction, and operation. UDMC also has the project management experience to complete a project in a timely and cost effective manner that exceeds the customers' expectations.

Anderson Instrument Company's broad line of sanitary fluid process instrumentation provides a wide range of options for UDMC's Engineering Team to choose from in designing custom sanitary process solutions. Anderson Instrument works closely with UDMC to optimize the selection of instruments based on the process control, data collection, and regulatory requirements that a customer may have.

Anderson Instrument Co. is a Just -In -Time manufacturer that offers standard deliveries in days (not weeks!) - even on customized products. Since Anderson Instrument offers a full range of Flow Meters, Level Sensors, Pressure and Temperature flow meters Indicators and Transmitters, Legal Pasteurization Controls, and Sanitary Analytical Sensors and Analyzers.


UDMC maintains a Million Dollar Inventory in our warehouse. Our aggressive buying policies reduce your initial equipment costs. And real-time data provided by our computer order entry system, enables us to identify, locate and move your order to you fast and efficiently.