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Custom Fabrication

UDMC maintains a fleet of fully-equipped service vans that provide our technicians with access to all of the required tools, welding rigs,
and fabrication equipment required to do the job.
For larger piping installations UDMC has an orbital welder capable of working with fi” to 6” diameter stainless steel tubing.


Our technicians offer professional and courteous service as well as:

• Competitive Labor Rates
• Factory Training in the Equipment They Install
• Commissioning
• Start-up Training of Operators
• Complete Knowledge of Workplace Safety
• Overall Superior Quality Workmanship

We employ service personnel with a wide range of expertise in sanitary systems. You can count on UDMC for:

• Expert Stainless Steel Welding, Fitting and Fabrication

• Recondition and Repair Pumps to Manufacturers’ Specifications

• Repair and/or Replacement of Sanitary Couplers on Flexible Hose

• Control Panel and Electrical Troubleshooting

• Program Modification for HMI Systems

• Certified APV/Gaulin/Rannie Homogenizer Maintenance and Repair

• Valve Repair and Modification

• Access to UDMC Spare Parts and Fittings Inventory

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